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Why our consulting

Success of any business transformation program depends on several factors – Organization , People, Processes, Technology and Strategy. Our consultants are having these knowledge and experience to make your transformation successful. They have deep understanding of the Industry, Technology Expertise and Business Processes. They know the strategy to deploy a new services / solution.


Global consumer insights

Our knowledge & experience in Global Consumer Insights help us to understand the buying behavior of consumers and it help to improve strategic decision-making in developing effective global marketing and communication campaigns.


Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is important for both Consumer (B2C) and B2B (Business-to-Business) companies but it is especially important in B2B. This is because of the complexity and length of the decision-making process in B2B environments and the large number of people involved. Our leadership team possess an innate ability to contribute to the conversations happening today, while also being able to speculate on what is going to happen tomorrow. They set the pace for the industry and offer intelligent insights and informed opinions.


How we are different from others

Our integrated expertise in Industry domain, Business Processes , Technology , Market trend and Regulatory policies enable us to support a wide range of client initiatives. Our ability to bring together the leading thinkers from industry and technology and create opportunities for our clients to gain access to unique perspectives and insights is well recognized.


Our Expertise

CialTel offers an unmatched combination of information, analytics and expertise. Our diverse team of professional thought leaders, subject matter experts, analysts and consultants continually advance our industry solutions and capabilities to meet your challenges. We apply our management skills, technological flair and, most of all, our ability to harness our strategic insights when solving our clients’ individual challenges, and we can do it for you too.


Engagement Model

We fully understand that a strong, proven client-vendor engagement model is the foundation for a successful offshore experience and paves way for establishing and maintaining strategic customer relationship. Our engagement strategy evolved on the philosophy of “we succeed when our clients succeed”. We strive to offer the best fit engagement model for the specific needs of the customer every time by adopting super-flexible approach that often includes a mix of models across several projects.

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